The Shaw’s Space

A beam of afternoon sunlight shines through the tall new windows as homeowner, Mark Shaw, discusses the sunroom addition to his Chapel Hill home. The room is a fresh, octagonal shape and features gorgeous Mediterranean floor tiles and a sharp and modern electric fireplace. Mr. Shaw and his wife, Janet, have just finished furnishing the room so that it seamlessly blends with the rest of their BuildEx built home.

“We definitely did not want it to look like it was added on—from the inside or the outside,” Mr. Shaw explains. “We wanted it to look like it was part of the original plan.”

The Shaws’ house was built by Brian Ehrenfeld of BuildEx in 2007 (?) for different homeowners, but the Shaws fell in love with it. When Mrs. Shaw decided she wanted a sunroom outside the living room and kitchen, she and Mr. Shaw knew that they had to contact the original builder for the project.

“From the very beginning, Brian came over, sat down, and talked about the space,” Mr. Shaw says. “Together we worked out a kind of conceptual idea of what it would look like.”

The Shaws emphatically spoke about Brian’s incredible work, as well as his ability to work with homeowners on a personal and attentive level. In describing the best things about the project and working with Brian, Mr. Shaw said, “We are thrilled at the outcome, we are impressed with Brian’s skillset and his competence, and we are inspired by his dedication to the project. He’s very sensitized to the potential impacts he might have on our day-to-day living in here. He’s very courteous and I’ve never seen him get ruffled. Moreover, he hears what you’re trying to say.”

Mr. Shaw went on to say that Brian’s work ethic in general exceeded any expectations held for the project. “Ideally people, service people, builders and constructers, should be as dedicated as he is, but they’re not,” Mr. Shaw explains. “From my perspective he’s like a role model for other people in this business. We would absolutely choose Brian again for another project in the future. In fact, I’ve already recommended him.”


A Bathroom Refresh

In true BuildEx fashion, this bathroom remodel is a refreshing new take on existing materials.

This 20-year old home needed refreshing, and what better place to shed the old to allow for the new than the master bathroom. The bathroom was expanded to allow for this modern and roomy, yet comfortable and classic, feel. The new bathroom was built around the existing whirlpool tub, cabinets, countertops and mirrors. In order to blend seamlessly with the rest of the home, the experts at BuildEx reused the doors and as much of the wall trim as they could.

The new fixtures mixed with the old, as well as the view outside, give the entire bathroom a modern feel with back-to-nature undertones. The tub, inset to the wall and surrounded by massive commercial glass to provide a gorgeous view, was adorned with a custom-made tile border along the front. The gray tiles paired with glass shelves, inset lighting, and beautiful gray-green walls emphasize the bathroom’s openness. The porcelain tiles on the floor in a Carera Marble finish add to the spaciousness of the room.

The shower, inarguably the key focal point of the room, is designed with luxury in mind. The frameless specialty glass is lined with a textured dot pattern to obscure the view. There are two Kohler showerheads, one being a wall-mount, and the other mounted on the ceiling to mimic rainfall. The shower is also equipped with a black granite shower seat.

The convenience and sleekness of the room is met with incredible eye to detail and natural grace. The room is light, airy, and pleasant to look at – a lovely at-home spa that fits right in amongst the trees.

Natasha’s Bio

Natasha is the Web and Graphic Design Master at OnWired. She grew up on a small farm in Creedmoor, North Carolina and eventually went to school at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She earned a BFA in Graphic Design there (oooooh), and she also holds an AA from ECPI in Web Development (aaaaah).

In three words, Natasha describes herself as inquisitive, contemplative, and flexible. From this brief description alone, it’s clear why she is the perfect design solutions consultant for our clients at OnWired! She fashions beautiful websites and marketing materials with her bare hands and she is dedicated to creating custom and engaging visual resolutions.

When Natasha is not busy making beautiful things for our clients, she is most likely sharing a beer with her buddies or crushing the Doctor Who binge-watching scene by crocheting at the same time. A gamer online and off, Natasha enjoys hiking, biking, and a good, savage video game.

Natasha chose her career as a graphic designer so that she is inevitably always growing, learning, and allowing her creative spirit to thrive. She is motivated by ingenuity, laughter, and love.

Melissa’s Bio

Melissa is a do-er. She’s a thinker. She’s a game-changer. Melissa knows that to properly grow a business in this day and age, one must adapt to the web via smart and effective web design. She started working in marketing back when there was this thing called “print media” and she has remained at the top of the industry for 30 years. With her plethora of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, Melissa knows the ins and outs of bringing your business alive online. She understands that hiring a marketing company is like establishing a relationship, and she wants to ensure that your connection with her and OnWired will be long-lasting and beneficial for you.

When Melissa isn’t growing businesses with her impeccable marketing capabilities, she’s probably off hugging some trees and dancing like there is no tomorrow. As a North Carolina native, Melissa is a passionate defender of the environment and enjoys exploring the planet in all its glory.

Erin’s Bio

Erin, our resident young person, isn’t your average Digital Marketing Assistant. After graduating from Lebanon Valley College with a Bachelor’s of Science in Digital Communications, she moved from Pennsylvania to Raleigh to explore the adult side of life. In addition to her degree, Erin boasts over a year’s worth of professional experience with SEO and Internet marketing, as well as a generally awesome personality. She also is also hella organized, super logical, and outrageously ambitious!

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Erin developed an accent, an “attitude,” and an undying love for Harry Potter. She is obsessed with her dog, her future dogs, and Minions from Despicable Me. She loves corny jokes, but is a little slow on the uptake. If you hear Erin randomly burst out laughing in conversation, it’s not you—it’s Erin just now understanding a joke she heard two weeks ago. These quirky qualities make Erin the perfect office companion and an excellent addition to such a fun-loving, ass-kicking team.

Erin spends her time outside the office exploring Raleigh’s beautiful parks and visiting different areas around the city. She would love to live by the North Carolina sands she grew up playing in every summer, in a house big enough to fit all her rescue dogs.