A Bathroom Refresh

In true BuildEx fashion, this bathroom remodel is a refreshing new take on existing materials.

This 20-year old home needed refreshing, and what better place to shed the old to allow for the new than the master bathroom. The bathroom was expanded to allow for this modern and roomy, yet comfortable and classic, feel. The new bathroom was built around the existing whirlpool tub, cabinets, countertops and mirrors. In order to blend seamlessly with the rest of the home, the experts at BuildEx reused the doors and as much of the wall trim as they could.

The new fixtures mixed with the old, as well as the view outside, give the entire bathroom a modern feel with back-to-nature undertones. The tub, inset to the wall and surrounded by massive commercial glass to provide a gorgeous view, was adorned with a custom-made tile border along the front. The gray tiles paired with glass shelves, inset lighting, and beautiful gray-green walls emphasize the bathroom’s openness. The porcelain tiles on the floor in a Carera Marble finish add to the spaciousness of the room.

The shower, inarguably the key focal point of the room, is designed with luxury in mind. The frameless specialty glass is lined with a textured dot pattern to obscure the view. There are two Kohler showerheads, one being a wall-mount, and the other mounted on the ceiling to mimic rainfall. The shower is also equipped with a black granite shower seat.

The convenience and sleekness of the room is met with incredible eye to detail and natural grace. The room is light, airy, and pleasant to look at – a lovely at-home spa that fits right in amongst the trees.


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