Natasha’s Bio

Natasha is the Web and Graphic Design Master at OnWired. She grew up on a small farm in Creedmoor, North Carolina and eventually went to school at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She earned a BFA in Graphic Design there (oooooh), and she also holds an AA from ECPI in Web Development (aaaaah).

In three words, Natasha describes herself as inquisitive, contemplative, and flexible. From this brief description alone, it’s clear why she is the perfect design solutions consultant for our clients at OnWired! She fashions beautiful websites and marketing materials with her bare hands and she is dedicated to creating custom and engaging visual resolutions.

When Natasha is not busy making beautiful things for our clients, she is most likely sharing a beer with her buddies or crushing the Doctor Who binge-watching scene by crocheting at the same time. A gamer online and off, Natasha enjoys hiking, biking, and a good, savage video game.

Natasha chose her career as a graphic designer so that she is inevitably always growing, learning, and allowing her creative spirit to thrive. She is motivated by ingenuity, laughter, and love.


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