Erin’s Bio

Erin, our resident young person, isn’t your average Digital Marketing Assistant. After graduating from Lebanon Valley College with a Bachelor’s of Science in Digital Communications, she moved from Pennsylvania to Raleigh to explore the adult side of life. In addition to her degree, Erin boasts over a year’s worth of professional experience with SEO and Internet marketing, as well as a generally awesome personality. She also is also hella organized, super logical, and outrageously ambitious!

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Erin developed an accent, an “attitude,” and an undying love for Harry Potter. She is obsessed with her dog, her future dogs, and Minions from Despicable Me. She loves corny jokes, but is a little slow on the uptake. If you hear Erin randomly burst out laughing in conversation, it’s not you—it’s Erin just now understanding a joke she heard two weeks ago. These quirky qualities make Erin the perfect office companion and an excellent addition to such a fun-loving, ass-kicking team.

Erin spends her time outside the office exploring Raleigh’s beautiful parks and visiting different areas around the city. She would love to live by the North Carolina sands she grew up playing in every summer, in a house big enough to fit all her rescue dogs.


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